Monday, January 17, 2011


En enero fuimos a un paseo en el teleférico con el Abuelo, Ocarina y los Santana. A Isabel le encantó la subida y la bajada, aunque fue una lástima que estuviera lloviendo todo el tiempo allá arriba.

New Year 2011!

We welcomed the New Year in a very unusual way this year. We were with Abuelo, Ocarina, and their fellow ucevistas protesting the new insane laws for universities. The good news is that so far it seems to have worked, as they have not been implemented. It was moving to see that so many people had chosen to go to a protest to save the autonomy of their university instead of celebrating with their friends and families. I think it proves the level of rage and despair, even though the environment was very festive, and Isabel enjoyed the fireworks tremendously.
Too bad they didn't call some ucabistas to proofread their signs before they put them up, as, it seems, ucevistas are not taught how to spell. Maybe Chávez has a point after all?

Time with the Cousins

Isabel enjoyed a wonderful time with her cousins in Caracas. Here she is in the hammock with them and Tío Alfredo while Tía Bárbara was playing Magic at Salvador's.

Christmas 2010 in Venezuela

We spent Christmas in Caracas at Abuelo's house. Isabel dressed up in a beautiful gown that had been a gift from Tía Bárbara a long time ago, and only now fit her! Here she is with her handsome cousins Gabo and David.

Christmas Party at the Daycare

This is a Christmas snack they had at the Children's Courtyard the Friday before we left to go to Venezuela.

Cinderella Dress

After Mami had told Isabel she wasn't getting another costume this year, Isabel took Baba alone on a walk to the Mall and asked for the same dress. So when Mami gets home.... I have to accept it was a good buy, though. She wears it everyday.

Halloween 2010

Isabel was a ladybug this Halloween, as she fluttered around our neighborhood picking up a lot of candy and freaking out about the weirdos in the costumes.